Charity Christmas Cards

Buy Christmas Cards direct from the charities & give them maximum benefit

We are run by volunteers so 100% goes to the charities - 53rd year, £6 million raised!


Everything has been sorted from last Christmas. All your invoices checked and double checked, to get to 2023’s total of £63,592, which we are delighted to say, includes our biggest bonus to you of £175 each.

So despite an outrageous price hike in the cost of stamps just before Christmas, and most people feeling the pinch, we think the result is a good one.

We have been to The International Spring Fair at the beginning of February.

Hoofing up and down the aisles, talking to agents and people we know. Making notes, meeting new people. Trying to spot the gifts which will fit us..

The rain will stop and spring is on its way ...

Our good wishes to you all.

Sheila, Jill and the Team

At the Spring Fair

Meeting nice suppliers

Possible stock for this autumn